A Message From Our Founder, Lisa Peyton-Caire


Welcome to Black Women's Wellness Day! 

It's hard to believe that we'll be celebrating our 11th Annual conference on Saturday, September 21st! Time flies when you're engaged in passion work. I remember the moment that I conceived the idea for Black Women's Wellness Day while sitting at my computer a year after my Mother's death. The shock of that experience and the realization that dozens more women in my family and community had succumbed to health complications early in their lives propelled me into action. A deeper look across the national landscape reinforced my resolve as I witnessed the state of duress that characterized Black women's health. I believed then and believe now that we have the power to change this. 

My quest was to find a way to bring Black women together to chart a new course for our health and our lives on every level, and to encourage and support one another in prioritizing our mind-body-spirit wellness. What resulted on May 22, 2009 at that first event was a small gathering of 40 friends, family, and local women in the public library and a half day of learning, fellowship, and commitments to  build a new legacy of personal and collective wellness.

Since that time, Black Women's Wellness Day has grown to attract over 500 women and girls each year, and to unify health partners, sponsors, and community organizations in one space to learn, connect, share, and create solutions together. Further, the work has grown to see the formation of the Foundation for Black Women's Wellness, a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to eliminating health disparities and other barriers impacting the lives of Black women and girls. Through the Foundation, we provide education and outreach opportunities throughout the year, engaging hundreds more women and girls in workshops, seminars, and events that further enhance their whole life wellness.

Black Women’s Wellness Day is first and foremost a celebration of life and a demonstration of how women and girls of African descent can live more fully within the glow of optimal health. I hope you will attend this year's event and learn for yourself what other women have found out over the past eight years--that after this experience, you will never be the same! You will leave informed, inspired, and more empowered than ever to make the necessary changes and shifts in your life that lead to your best, healthiest self! 

For those of you who support this movement as sponsors and partners, please know that your support ensures that women of all ages are reached and engaged in this life-enhancing opportunity to emerge more determined than ever to create and sustain healthy, thriving lives. Thank you so much for believing in our work and our mission!

In Wellness,

Lisa Peyton-Caire 

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